31. Dezember 2020

Luize Nezberte


Einladung zur Eröffnung der nächsten Ausstellung der Klasse TransArts

Eröffnung: Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2020, 20 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 28. Oktober bis 30. November 2020

There are sounds yet unnoticed but to be revealed by time- the sonic landscape of one day stacking on top of the other, plunging into each other, intermingling, becoming one and forming a sonorous jumble. Sound diary revealing the room’s resonant frequencies that are entirely specific to the architectural particularity and inhabitants of this space. + (a text offering and questioning the possibility of becoming one with the spaces sound landscape)


Stiegenhaus 2. Stock, Vordere Zollamtsstr. 7, 1030 Wien

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