05. November 2015

Ahmet Ögüt Künstler, Berlin/Amsterdam

Collections, Institutions and Art Production in Times of Crisis and Disasters

"As artists, curators, social agents, cultural workers, writers, academics, organizers, we all face contradictions and difficult decisions when it comes to responsibilities towards public while creating the conditions for art production." Ahmet Ö?üt gives examples of a number of institutions or biennials around the world that were closed or heavily effected by extraordinary incidents, economic crisis or forces of nature.
In the second part of the workshop Ahmet Ö?üt will present the "Strategic Diagram for Non-hierarchical Participatory Radical Democracy" and show a few examples of artworks, non-artworks, other references and projects as well as examples of Lecture-Performances. Students will work together in small groups to re-make the diagram with their own ideas, strategies and references from art, literature, social movements, political theory to be presented by each group of students as a Collaborative Lecture-Performance.
As Ahmet Ö?üt is participating in the exhibition "Political Populism" in Kunsthalle Wien (opening 6 Nov 2015) a visit during the installation of the exhibition and the press conference will also be part of the workshop.


Rustenschacherallee 2-4, 1020 Wien

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