17. November 2015

Vibeke Jensen Künstlerin, Berlin

Situational Awareness

This lecture will discuss the status quo of public space through quotes [“ ”] and questions [ ? ] and a series of interventions [ x ] by Vibeke Jensen.

[“ “]    The global economy, militarization and the ongoing War on Terror, threatens the     social bodies of cities and renders urban life increasingly passive, consumerized and     surveilled. Cities are demonized as intrinsically threatening places while xenophobic,     anti-urban and technophilic ways of thinking colonize everyday spaces and sites of     city life. Military, entertainment and security industries are increasingly blurred, and     difference is turned into otherness as targeting and violence war or force is projected     against demonized Others.      Stephen Graham, 2010
[ ? ]    How can art visualize domination and negotiate appropriation of space?
[ x ]    1:1 Connect_DiamondScope, Brugge Triennale 2015 (photographs)

Vibeke Jensen is a Norwegian artist based in New York for two decades, recently relocated to Berlin.  She has a particular interest in different points of view and positions of looking. In particular, Jensen has investigated the practice of surveillance, recognizing this as a central structural element of advanced urban cultures. She constructs situations, images and sculptures that provoke a rupture in daily life perception and facilitate the meeting of strangers. Jensen works internationally and has shown in galleries and museums in New York, Beijing, London, Vienna, Bogotá, Mexico City and Norway. Her urban interventions have been realized in Shanghai, New York, Oslo, Trondheim and Graz, and her DiamondScope was a center piece of the Triennale Brugge 2015.  Jensen lectures and presents her work at art institutions and conferences, and is a visiting professor at the Bergen School of Architecture since 2010.



Rustenschacherallee 2-4, 1020 Wien

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