27. November 2010

Peter Nagy Künstler, Galerist, Ausstellungsmacher, New Delhi

"Don't have Sex with your Ex"

An exhibition of objects will be conceived and realized in the period of one week. The first class will take place on Monday, November 22nd and the workshop will conclude with the opening of the exhibition on the evening of Friday, November 27th at Krinzinger Projekt gallery space, Wien.

The students will be responsible for all aspects of the exhibition as a collaborative project.

This will include:
1. Conceptualization of the exhibition
2. Curation of objects for the exhibition
3. Securing of loans of the objects
4. Arrangement of transportation of all objects to the exhibition site
5. All aspects of exhibition design, display and installation
6. Design, execution and distribution of an email invitation for the exhibition
7. Composition and distribution of all press materials for the exhibition
8. Co-ordination of all back-up materials required for the artists and/or objects
9. Promotion of the exhibition while it is on
10. De-installation and return of all objects at completion of the exhibition

The idea, nature and content of the exhibition will be decided upon collaboratively by the students of the workshop. The exhibition is not limited to art objects and can include any type of materials and objects. Emphasis will be placed on creating an exhibition containing a diverse number of objects that comes together to present a cogent and topical argument about a specific subject, issue or idea. Emphasis will also be on the design of the exhibition and how this contributes to the argument being made. Each student would come to the first class with an idea for an exhibition and a list of approximately ten to twenty objects that this exhibition will contain. The conceptualization process will entail achieving a collaborative synthesis of these multiple proposals to create one cohesive exhibition. At the same time, the objects incorporated into the exhibition have to be of a nature that they can actually be used for the exhibition. Therefore, the concept of the exhibition has to be realistic enough to be achieved, it cannot be made up of dream objects of an unattainable nature (though this will introduce the concept of introducing representations of objects into the exhibition, which would be permitted if it makes sense within the overall concept). An exhibition by the students of the TransArts-class of University of applied arts Vienna conducted by Peter Nagy.

Opening Friday, 26.11.2010, starting at 18:00
Krinzinger Projekte, Schottenfeldgasse 45, 1070 Wien

Exhibition continues to Saturday, 11.12.2010
Anna Baumann
Jonas Droste
Alessa Esteban
Linda Hnatovicova
Sebastian Kraner
Angelika Loderer
Hannah Luegmeyer
Andreas Müller
Jum Pei
Lukas Troberg
Charlotte Schnabl
Leander Schönweger
Anna Wahrbichler
Tim Wandelt
Eugen Wist

Pressetext von Peter Nagy:
"Don't Have Sex with Your Ex"
The exhibition is a result of a workshop conducted by Peter Nagy for the TransArt department of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. The parameters were that the students would create an exhibition to be held at the Krinzinger Projekte building. The subject and content were completely open, it could be an exhibition of any type of materials, but the project would be realized in one week. The first meeting of the workshop would be on Monday morning and the exhibition would open on Friday evening.

The students would be responsible for all aspects of the exhibition, from conception and curation to installation, handling the promotional materials and all logistics involved with the exhibition. A selection of works from the storage of Krinzinger Projekte was made available to them for their consideration and some of these materials were eventually included in the exhibition. Overall, the exhibition on view is of the students' own art works, though this was never a proscribed parameter of the workshop. The focus of the workshop was to foreground curatorial practice and to investigate the manipulation of art works through exhibition. Special emphasis was placed on how the meaning of art works can be altered through their juxtaposition with other art work or with other types of materials, and how display techniques can alter the perception of art works.

From the start, a collaborative and democratic forum was established, with all the students contributing ideas and sharing in the decision making responsibilities. No individual voice was allowed to dominate the exhibiton or over all installation. From initial discussions on the first day of the workshop, the students voiced their desire to create an exhibition that was both "exciting" but also "confusing." Two dominant themes emerged, which were then relegated to two separate gallery spaces within the Krinzinger Projekte building.

Ideas about appropriation, the re-cycing of art works into other art works, the use of found objects and materials, and the technological reproduction of imagery became the emphasis for the exhibition in the second floor gallery. In the basement, a theatrical space was created for sculptures, a sound piece and a performance work, so as to explore ideas of horror and surprise. The title, "Don't Have Sex with Your Ex", was chosen so as to attract attention to the show. It came out of the sound piece created by Sebastian Kraner, in which each student contributed one song (chosen because of its "embarrasing" qualities) and the artist collaged them all together.

Particularly strong works have been created for the exhibition by Tim Wandelt (a multi-seat cart that travels on the tracks found in the gallery), Anna Wahrbichler (a presentation of a Canadian artist's drawings that are projected on to the walls of the gallery, overlapping the other works in the show, using Mr. Wandelt's cart as the suport system) and Angelika Loderer (a construction of glassware and plaster cylinders that absorb color liquids).

Peter Nagy is an American artist and curator who lives in New Delhi. He is the director of Gallery Nature Morte in New Delhi and the curator for the gallery's branch in Berlin.


Krinzinger Projekte, Schottenfeldgasse 45, 1070 Wien
Ausstellung Krinzinger Projekte 26. November bis 11. Dezember 2010

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